Distinct traits of a strong team



When starting a project it is essential to have 2 game setting factors on your side: a good project idea and an even better team that will work for it. But what are the key characteristics that differentiate a successful team from an ordinary team? Through both, experience and research, one may conclude the following 5 traits:


1)   Something that brings you together: a meaningful common purpose, which you are willing to go the extra mile for in order to see your vision and idea realized.


2)   Something that gives you a direction: clear and smart goals that will guide you and your team throughout the process and help you build your milestones.


3)   Something that gives you variety: diversity of skills and personality can make a team stand out and give it an edge. Being diverse will allow the team to compliment each other and it will offer all individuals the opportunity to grow and extend their skills as they will be responsible for their tasks.


4)   Something that keeps you together: and that is strong communication and collaboration. Many teams and projects have not progresses due to this often underestimated trait. Being able to clearly communicate and to consistently collaborate can make the difference.


5)   Something that pushes you forward: trust and commitment are two fundamental traits that help team members stick together and continue or start a new entrepreneurial adventure.


So before setting to begin your project, select your team carefully and ensure you all find your “something” in it. The path is challenging by default and only a strong team can turn a challenge to success.


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