Where to go when there is no where to go

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Being an entrepreneur is a full time job, whether you are the owner of a successful business or the founder of a new startup. Time flies and entrepreneurs know better than anyone else that it is the only thing that cannot be wasted.   However, more often than not, we find ourselves at a crossroad with literally no idea which way to go. For some, this may seem like a dead end but the good thing about entrepreneurship is that there are no dead ends! There is always a choice, so long as we are open minded enough to see it and courageous enough to reach for it. So what to do when found in a crossroad? First and foremost, there is no need to panic.

  1. Collect data

No decision can be taken without collecting and laying out all the data regarding a given situation. Only then can we distance ourselves and look at things from above, with a clear view and objective mindset.

  1. Evaluation and assessment

Time is of value and should not be wasted but there are occasions when one needs to take their time to assess and evaluate the situation and the available options. Don’t be hesitant to think about them over and over again until you feel confident that you see things clearly.

  1. Decision making

As my mother used to tell me “We make the best choice, all things considered at that given moment”. After evaluating and assessing the different outcomes of the available options, don’t be afraid to go for the option that you believe better suits your needs, plans and goals. Being confident and set at your goals can greatly improve your work results and boost your productivity.

  1. Review

Having made you choice and put your plan into action, it is the right time to assess yourself. Entrepreneurs are all about challenging and improving themselves through feedback on their own actions, making it the best way to learn and grow.   So when things seem daunting – well, more daunting than usual – remaining calm and organized can turn the tables to your favour. Time used wisely is time well spent and decisions made on a clear head are decisions well made. One may notice that a lot of emphasis is given on emotions and thinking instead of actions. The reason lies within the human nature of the entrepreneur – a person that is willing to risk time, effort and money to achieving a profitable goal, and as such, he is bound to experience unique emotions that differentiate him from others. After all, quite often, a good confidence and a good head are the key to most doors.


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